5 Best Internet Service Providers in The United States of America

Living in this technological era will be tough without the internet! 77% of the total population in America has access to it. Every single tech-based equipment requires the internet, without it the whole country will come to a standstill.

According to a survey report, about 43% of Americans work from home, hence proving the necessity of promising internet service providers.

The problem starts when we end up a contract with an internet provider who is not capable of meeting up to our expectations, a terrible ISP.

If we are never hooked up with a good internet service provider, we will never understand the real fun with the Internet.

Okay, let’s explain what a terrible service provider means.

Generally, we call a service provider inefficient and bad when they charge a lot of money and cannot provide the service required. The internet connection will lag, it will disconnect, videos will buffer, you won’t be able to stream live videos etc.

Now, the question arises, do we want to face such harassment?

Never, therefore it is best to do simple research that will help you understand the internet packages and also know about the best service providers in your area.

The choice becomes easy when we have a single option, but it is tough when there are several options and we have to choose one. We might end up choosing a disastrous one!

To avoid all these headaches, we will be providing you with some help. We have picked out best internet service providers in the United States of America.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking Up Any Internet Service Provider?

If you’re switching connections or even if you are a first-timer, the most important thing to keep in mind would be, cost-saving. You have to find something that helps you save some cash at the end of your month.

A survey suggests that people generally switch internet providers when they are trying to find a connection that is cheaper and also better of course.

Everything comes with a price, right? You don’t have to worry, there are internet service providers who charge less and deliver more with exciting benefits too!

A cheap connection is always the prime factor, but what else should you take care about before taking up an internet connection?

Let’s check out!

You should choose a connection that provides better connectivity. Apart from saving money, people want a connection that would be fast and their amazing Netflix series should not buffer!

Then comes an important aspect of the business, i.e. customer care. It is one of the most important factors according to customer surveys. If any issue occurs suddenly, what can a customer do? They will have to rely on the services provided by the ISP. If the customer service is not up to the mark, what’s the point in investing so much!

And finally, as a customer, we want a connection that will be available for life long. We wouldn’t want something that will last for a year and then disappear.

That is why all these factors mentioned above should be checked properly before you decide to take up an internet connection from a particular service provider.

Therefore, after doing the research for you, so that you don’t have to invest your precious time, we have mentioned 5 best internet service providers in the United States of America.

Top Five Best Internet Service Providers In The United States Of America

Verizon Fios

Verizon FiOS is a revolutionary internet service provider because they are the pioneers of fibre Internet providers to your homes. They have very simple and cheap internet plans. Verizon also has a bonus offer, a whole year of Disney plus just free!

You subscribe to their 940 Mbps plan, you will get a free router rental too. Fios is famous for providing great customer satisfaction. Verizon Fios sometimes lags connection, but it’s okay, isn’t it?. With their great customer feedback and cheap plans, Verizon will always top America’s best 5 internet service providers.

Verizon plans cost $39.99, $59.99 and $79.99 for a month and the speed they are providing at such a cheap rate is unbelievable. You will get internet speed at 200, 400 and 940 Mbps respectively with the above-mentioned rates! What more can you expect! Verizon is best, simply.


Xfinity has its services in 41 states in America, we hope you fall among those states because they are one of the best Internet Service Providers in America. This ISP provides an internet speed of 15 Mbps to 2 Gbps, that’s pretty cool.

Xfinity also provides mobile subscription as an encouragement to their customers. Xfinity uses Verizon mobile towers to provide unlimited calls, texts etc. They are constant, their service never deteriorates nor it is exceedingly good. Xfinity is a part of Comcast.

$110 for a month for a contract that had exceeded a year. Primarily their monthly package starts at $79.99 with Internet and T.V and speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 2000 Mbps, in selected areas.

Xfinity mobiles provide connection up to 5 lines, unlimited text and calls, connect to Xfinity hotspots for free and adjustable data share options.


They are the oldest of Americans and offer simple plans. Every plan starts with $49.99 only and offers three separate plans of 100, 300 and 1000. This means they provide three different plans with different speeds. 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 1000 Mbps respectively. It runs on 100% fibre optics network. AT&T also has in offer, DSL and fixed wireless internet services.

They will provide you, your required internet speed with a piece of whole-home wi-fi equipment. Additionally, AT&T provides access to more than 30000 wi-fi spots nationwide. They also provide a plan for TV that has over 5000 applications, TV channels, live tv and demand titles.


Frontier is also bravely operating its service in rural America. With DSL, fibre internet options and cable, the frontier is rocking out there. They have set the prices to $27.99 and provide 5 Mbps internet speed, minimum and 45 Mbps maximum with a hike of $44. Frontier loses its speed when you drift from the urban and get into the rural. This is a major issue with frontier, otherwise who provides such cheap internet on this age of technology!

Charter Spectrum

Who provides a free antivirus and modem these days? Well, the charter spectrum does provide an antivirus along with a modern for free! The antivirus spectrum provides, keeps your connection secure. Spectrum also has mobile connections available like Verizon and Xfinity.

Charter spectrum has one internet-only plan which runs on $49.99/m and provides 100 Mbps speed with no data cap and a free modem! Can you imagine? On additional $20 the speed doubles up to 300 Mbps and $60 will speed up to 940 Mbps. Spectrum does not even have a data cap. Well, Charter has a bad reputation regarding their customer service though. Spectrum is inflexible because it provides one data plan, but it’s cheap!

What Should You Compare Between ISPs Before Taking Up Any Internet Connection?

  • First of all, decide the internet speed you need because according to a survey, 25% of Americans don’t have accessibility to internet speed above 25 Mbps, this the main criteria of comparison between ISPs.
  • Remember to check their reputation and also customer service because you don’t want to be harassed, right? Check the Americas top ranking internet service provider before you decide your ultimate ISP.
  • Then comes a crucial part, the legal documents. Before taking up any internet connection from a service provider, you will have to get into a contract with them. Check their legal papers. Read their terms and conditions carefully before getting into an interaction with them. Check their installation fee, monthly fee, contract renewal fee, or any other hidden fees. You can negotiate at the time of signing the contract. Every provider comes with a cool introductory pack, always check if you are getting it timely.
  • Also, check your internet connection equipment compatibility with your ISP. It is important because you won’t be able to enjoy the internet speed you desire if you don’t use compatible equipment for the Internet service provider. If so, then rent the equipment or you may buy compatible equipment along with your new internet plan. Renting would be the best idea in case you want to switch to another service provider.


Other than these 5 internet services, America has MediaCom, Viasat, CenturyLink, Optimum, Cox and other ISPs you can opt for. You can get into a contract with anyone of them mentioned here or you can do your own research and choose your own internet service provider.


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