Can I Track a TextNow Number?

Are you getting annoying text messages and phone calls from an unknown TextNow number and want to know how to track a TextNow number?

Here, I will let you know that either you can trace TextNow numbers or not.

Can TextNow Number Be Traced?

According to TextNow’s Privacy Policy, TextNow collects users’ data like email address, IP, Name, and Location, but the company does not share the data with anyone. Only government investigation officers with court permission can access these data from TextNow.

There are several TextNow Phone Number Look Up services like iStaunch and SpyForMe claim that they can help people find out who a TextNow number belongs to.

Believe me, using these services is a total waste of time. I have personally used these services to find out my friend’s identity using his TextNow number, and it keeps me redirecting without any concrete results.

So, is there any other way to look up who owns a TextNow Number?

Create Another TextNow Account?

If you desperately want to know the person’s real identity with a TextNow number, you can create a new account and send a text message.

Once you receive a reply, start building a good relationship with a person to engage him/her with you. At one moment of a conversation, that person might be ready to share personal details with you.

As TextNow provides free numbers, anyone can try this trick to find out who owns a TextNow number.

Observe TextNow Number

Reporting anonymous calls and messages to TextNow support will not help you. Instead, you need to take some initial actions to trace the owner of the TextNow phone number.

Below are some observances you can try to figure out the real identity of the person with TextNow number –

  1. Try to look at the person’s TextNow account. If the person has entered the correct details, then you would have his or her name and email address.
  2. Check out your phone call list if you have previously got any calls from this number. It will help you to memorize the person’s name.
  3. Go through all text messages if you have had any text conversations with personal details.

If your kids are using TextNow and getting such spam calls and messages, delete the TextNow account or change TextNow phone number immediately to prevent further issues.

Wrapping Up

In brief, it is not possible to track TextNow number using any online tools. If you are consistently getting harassing calls and text messages from an unknown number, file a case against that number and police will help you track that anonymous TextNow caller.


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