How TO Connect AfterShokz to iPhone 13?

Here, I will explain how to connect Aftershokz to iPhone 13 in just a few steps and start listening to your favorite music.

Pairing Aftershokz headphones with other Bluetooth devices like iPhones, tablets, TVs, PCs, and smartwatches is pretty simple.

However, your device should have a Bluetooth version of 3.1 or higher for a successful connection.

For Smart TV, the Bluetooth version should be v3.1 and above.

So, let’s check out how to pair Aftershokz headphones with iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 pro, and iPhone 13 Pro max.

How to Pair AfterShokz to iPhone 13 Step-by-Step?

To enjoy open-ear bone conduction listening experience with your AfterShokz headphones using your iPhone 13, you need to connect AfterShokz to your iPhone 13 by following the below steps –

1. First, turn off your Aftershokz headphone if it is on.

2. Next, keep pressing the volume+ button for 5 to 7 seconds to put headphones into pairing mode. It will make your headphones discoverable by other devices.

3. Now, turn on Bluetooth in your iPhone 13.

4. Let the phone discover your AfterShokz headphones.

5. Tap on your headphones from the list of devices.

6. Audrey will confirm the connection by saying Connected. (Audrey is the voice assistant of Aftershokz Headphones.)

Done, this is how anyone can pair iPhone 13 to Aftershokz.

How to Receive Phone Calls When My iPhone 13 Connected to AfterShokz Headphones?

Usually, when your iPhone is connected to any Bluetooth device like Aftershokz headsets, incoming calls will not route directly to the connected device. You need to manually select the output (speaker, iPhone, connected device) you want for incoming calls.

Follow the below steps to pick and answer your incoming calls when your iPhone 13 is connected to AfterShokz –

1. Tap on the speaker icon when you receive any call.

2. You will see three options, iPhone, Your Headphones, Speaker. Select your headphones.

Done, now you are all set to listen and answer your calls using Aftershokz headphones.

Why AfterShokz Headphones not Connecting to my iPhone?

Sometimes, software glitches interrupt the connection and prevent headphones from pairing to your iPhone.

In this case, try resetting your AfterShokz headphones by pressing a multifunction button, volume-, and volume+ button simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.

Try to pair it again with your iPhone 13.

Does AfterShokz Have an iOS App?

No, Aftershokz doesn’t have any mobile app, and hence users cannot customize its controls.

Several modern headphones like Sony and JBL come with mobile apps that provide users with extra customization options. Such apps let you play with audio controls to make the headphones sound as per your requirements.

With Aftershokz, users will not get any app.

Can AfterShokz Connect to Multiple Devices?

Shokz headphones are designed with a built-in multipoint pairing feature that allows users to connect two devices simultaneously with headphones. You will not receive audio from both connected devices at the same time, and the user can switch from one device to the other.

In brief, you can pair your AfterShokz headphones with your iPhone 13 and iPad, and switch devices to listen to the audio.

Does Siri Work with Aftershokz?

Siri is compatible with Aftershokz headphones, and you can use Siri with it to take notes, set alarms, and send text messages on your iPhone while running, hiking, or bicycling.

 Check out my detailed guide on how to activate Siri on iPhone 13.

Wrapping Up

In brief, The Aftershokz to iPhone 13 pairing process seems the same you usually follow while connecting other Bluetooth devices. Just pair the devices and enjoy music or answer calls without touching your iPhone while on the run or biking.


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