How to Delete Cookies On Internet Explorer?

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Isn’t this message common?

This is what a cookie permission message looks like.

Would you love to know what cookies are? Of course, you will, cookies help users identify and most possibly ready a customised web page. This also helps save your login information.

Before we proceed with the procedure on how to delete cookies on the internet explorer, let’s understand what cookies are actually.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies or web cookies are messages given to the web browser by web servers for your customized experience. It helps to track your activities that will decide your future searches.

For example, while surfing the internet, your eye caught on a glittery bag, you click on it, next time when you see the advertisement your bag suggestions will be similar to the product you viewed. This is what a cookie does, it customises your shopping variety.

Are Cookies Bad?

Cookies are not bad but there are cookie threats too.

Legal cookies are never bad and they generally help us. Temporary cookies get deleted once you are out from the web page, but permanent cookies are saved in your computer memory. These saved copies will help you find your choice of product as many times you visit the web site.

Cookies can be deleted and whenever you delete a cookie, you will have to re-enter your id and passwords again. Your wise decision on choosing the cookie you want to agree to will decide about the privacy of your information. There are illegal cookies or malware that can be a threat to your computer and to your privacy.

You can do whatever you want to your cookies, you can delete it but be sure deleting every cookie will limit your internet experience. You won’t be enjoying your internet surfing.

Follow the article below and we will explain to you how to delete cookies on internet explorer.

Types of Cookies

There are basically two types of web cookies –

Session Cookies

The temporary cookies we mentioned earlier are generally known as session cookies. These are also called transient cookies because once you leave the site, these cookies get deleted.

They store the information just during your session on that particular website for your better experience. These types of cookies do not save your personal information.

Persistent Cookies

These are the permanent cookies and store your personal information and are stored in a hard drive until it expires. But some cookies are stored for years until you delete them. It identifies your web surfing behaviour and also stores information about sites you like or products or movies or advertisements you like to watch.

What Information Does A Cookie Store?

A cookie simply stores information about the browser and the search history. It does not store your personal information like name or address unless you provide it yourself. If the site is legit, it will encrypt your personal data, to avoid misuse of it.

Are There Any Malicious Cookies?

Generally, cookies are not a threat to your personal information but due to the increase in cybercrime rates, malicious cookies are increasing. These malicious cookies store your web information and track your online activities at the time of internet surfing. They can easily build up your web surfing profile and these activities will sum up to form a pattern, which will be useful to the advertisement companies.

How to Delete Cookies on Internet Explorer?

Now you basically know everything about cookies, it’s time to learn how to delete these cookies in IE browser.

Delete Internet Explorer Cookies from Your Android Phone

Follow this process to delete cookies from your android phone on IE browser –

1. Open the browser on your android phone and hit the Menu option. You will see the More option, click on it and touch on Settings

2. Navigate to the Privacy Settings and click on the Clear All Cookie option. Hit on Ok.

Your cookie will be deleted from your android phone. It’s this simple and easy.

Delete Cookies On Internet Explorer(Windows)

Follow this process to delete cookies from Windows –

1. Click on the Internet Explorer option and select Tools.

2. Now, click on Internet Options. The Internet option is to control the functioning of an internet explorer.

3. Look for the General tab, now, click on the Delete button in the Browsing history section. When a box will appear, it will give you various options to help you clear the Residues.

4. Next, from the cookie section and select Delete Cookie and you will see a dialogue box will appear asking you permission to delete all the cookies. Click Yes and Ok to delete the cookies and close the dialogue box.

Delete Cookies Using Control Panel

Primarily, you will have to click on “Control Panel” and open “Network and Internet”. Now find,” Delete Browsing History and Cookies”. You can add other browsing history and then choose “Delete” in the delete browsing history message box. Select “Ok” to complete the action.

Delete Cookies Using Local Group Policy

Conform to the following steps –

1. Open Local Group Policy Editor.

2. Go to computer configuration and user configuration and enable Allow deleting Browsing history on exit setting.

3. Find the setting in Computer Configuration or User configuration/Internet explorer/Windows components/Administrative templates/Delete browsing history and double click it.

4. Select enable and click on Ok.

How To Change Cookies Settings?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the cookie settings

1. Click on Tools in the internet options. You will be redirected to Privacy Tab. In this tab, you will see a slider bar that allows you to control the level at which your browser will accept the cookies.

2. If you set the slider to low, third-party cookies will be restricted. If you set the slider to medium, it will do the same and if high, it will destroy your web surfing experience.

Wrapping Up

Despite the presence of malicious cookies, we need to enable our cookie options. Therefore, to help yourself out of the misery, you should grow a habit of reviewing the cookies associated with your browser. You have the power to even delete them if you want to.

You need to be cautious while surfing the internet because it can be misleading! Try to avoid sites blocked by your antivirus.


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