How To Fix An Upside Down Computer Screen In Windows And MAC?

One of the most common issues that leave an individual stressed, without any idea about how to fix an upside down screen in computer. This is not an issue to panic. I am here to help you fix this issue. Just follow the instructions carefully and you will be able to fix the problem easily.

How To Fix Upside Down Computer Screen in Windows PC?

If your question is “My computer screen is upside down”, you need to follow these below mentioned fixes. These are meant to help you. Try to perform each fix until one fix works for you. We have separately mentioned a fix to this issue for MAC OS also. These fixes will work for Windows 7/8/10 consecutively.

Keyboard Shortcut Combinations

It happens, sometimes, we accidentally press the keys that lead to this issue, but don’t worry, it can be fixed using the keyboard shortcut combinations.

  • To fix the issue, press ctrl + alt +Up arrow, ctrl + alt + down arrow, ctrl + alt + left arrow or ctrl + alt + right arrow. It will resolve the issue and the screen will come back to its original orientation. If this keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, you can try this.
  • Your hotkeys on the keyboard might be turned off, you need to turn it on, turn on the hotkeys, click on the empty screen and select “Graphics Option”. Then press” hotkeys” and “enable” the option. Now, you perform the same steps mentioned above, use the keyboard shortcut keys.

This will hopefully change the screen orientation. If this step didn’t work for you, you can try this next step.

Display Settings

Changes in the display settings might help you in this situation.

  • Move to your Taskbar and tap on the start icon. Once you see the start menu on the screen, choose Control Panel.
  • Move to the View by area, and choose Category. You will find the “adjust screen resolution link”, click on it.
  • Now, navigate to the orientation section. You will see a drop-down menu, select each of the orientation options, and check if the screen is coming back to the original orientation or not.
  • Press ” Keep changes” to save the orientation.

Use this method if you are using Windows 7 and 8.

For Windows 10 use the below-mentioned method.

  • Right-click on the blank screen and choose the Display Settings options. When the display option opens, go to the Orientation Section.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Select each of the orientation options and cheek which one resolves your issue. Select the one that resolves your issue. Now, click on “Keep Changes” options to save the settings. 

This will hopefully help you.

Didn’t work? Maybe there’s an issue with your graphics driver. It happens when the graphic driver is not updated. Follow the next step to update the graphics driver.

Update Graphic Driver

If your graphic driver is not updated to the recent version, it is likely that you might face this upside-down computer screen issue.

Follow this process to update the Graphics Driver –

This is for Windows 7

  • Open Start, and right-click and choose Manage. As soon as the Management screen opens, find the Device Manager and click on it.
  • Find the graphics card in the list and choose to update it. It will be updated automatically if you have an internet connection.

This is for Windows 8

  • Open Start option by clicking on the Windows icon and open the Quick Access Menu. Select the Device Manager and find your Graphics Card from the option.
  • Right-click to update the Driver.

This is for Windows 10

  • Press Windows and X on the keyboard and select Device Manager.
  • Go to your Graphics Card and right-click on it. Now select your driver updating option.
  • Click on the option where you see your OS, it will search the drivers online automatically for you.

How To Fix Upside Down Computer MAC OS?

It is very easy to fix this issue for MAC OS, just follow the procedures carefully.

  • Click on the Apple logo to open System Preferences and then select Display. It will be the first option in the second row.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, namely, Rotation. Select the rotation you want. After you are done selecting the rotation preference, close the window, this will affect the changes you just made.

This is how you can fix an upside down computer screen on MAC OS and Windows.


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