How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Computer?

In this era of technology, mobiles hold that special place in our hearts. It gets the best place even on our body, chest, somewhere close to our hearts. Is it good to keep cell phones close to your heart?/the answers have always been No? Did we care, we do it anyway.

Without cell phones, we cannot move a single step. From watching time to making contact to even drinking water, we need cell phones.

Cell phones these days are just not a device you make phone calls, it takes notes, sends emails, keeps track of your periods and probably dates for your next periods, keeps track of your heart rate, your sleep h hours including your deep sleep hours!

We have to keep hundreds of contacts, which includes our cook, plumber, even our Gardner! These contacts are very precious to the individual these days.

The age of professionalism and specialization has made us a slave to them. We cannot move an inch without them. Therefore, it is important to keep their contacts secure and nothing is more secure than transferring them to our Pc.

There are several ways to do so, here we have mentioned a few popular ways that will help you transfer your contacts from Android phone to computer, in order to keep it safe.

Transfer Contacts From Android To Computer Using Smart Contacts Backup

One of the most popular applications that serve this amazing purpose. You can download Smart Contacts Backup app in your Android phone because it takes about 8-9 Mb, hence, causing no issue with storage.

This app’s work is in the simple process, it takes the data and delivers it to the cloud using the email facility..well, let’s look at the process of utilizing this wonderful technique.

Here’s how to transfer android contacts to computer using Smart Contacts Backup App –

1. Open the play store and search for the application. You will see the application in the search result. Install on your phone.

2. If you want multiple backup options, create a login separately for yourself.

3. Click on Backup, when your contacts are ready to export. First of all, you need to convert the files to VCF. Only you can send the files via email.

4. Put your login id and download the .vcf attachment files on your computer that is sent to you via email.

Backup Android Contacts To Pc

There are different methods to transfer data and contacts from Android to Pc. There is no best way to do it, it’s just that the method you find less time consuming and less complicated, will be the best way for you. This is one of the most simple and most used methods to backup android contacts. Also, this particular method is associated with particular android devices only.

To follow this method –

1. Open Contacts app on your phone and travel to the Settings. Click on More to get to the right page.

2. In the list of Menu, among the Items, you will find Import/Export, click on it.  Press Export to perform the transfer. After pressing Export, you need to press ‘Export contacts from device storage”. This process will help in transferring all your contacts to an sd card, in .vcf format.

3. Now, establish a link between the android device and the computer. Search for the files that you downloaded recently on your sd card. As soon as you get the .vcf file copy and paste the files on the computer.

Remember the location where you kept your files and also the location where you have transferred your file to. This is a confusing part and most people become confused in this stage. You don’t have the freedom to choose certain contents to move, you will have to choose the total contact list of your Android phone in order to move back up contacts to Pc.

How To Backup Android Contacts Using Email/Outlook?

One of the best and hassle-free methods of transferring contacts from phone to Pc. To perform this procedure it is important that you should have a Gmail or a Microsoft account.

If by any change, you don’t have access to any of the two, you need to set up an account. To do that, first or create an account from the pre-installed application. These applications are always pre-installed. After you sign in, select the contacts you want to be backed up. These selected contacts syncs automatically to the cloud and can be restored at any moment. The contact list will mess up.

How to Backup Android Contacts Using A Third-party App?

ApowerManager is one of the most famous applications that helps to back up contacts from your phone to the computer.

This application makes contact transfer easier and secure. Your contacts will be available on your computer even if you lose your phone or if something wrong happens to your phone. This has an amazing feature, it even allows you to operate your cell phone through the computer, mouse, and keyboard. Follow the instructions carefully, to perform the transfer.

1. Download the file from the internet. After you have completed the downloading and installing process, use a USB cable to connect your phone and PC.

2. Once the connection established, you will be able to see the files on the IU of the tool.

3. Now, search for the contacts you want to transfer. Mark them all and begin the process.

4. Press the Export button to save the contacts on your PC.

Wrapping up

There are various other processes to transfer your Android contacts on your PC. We have sorted out the best method to Backup contacts to PC with the best methods available.

You can follow any of the above-mentioned methods to perform the transfer process. It is very important to keep your contacts safe and secure. The only way is to copy the files to your PC. If you find this helpful do not forget to share it with your friends and family!


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