Plenty of Fish (POF) Search Without Registering

Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering

Can I do Plenty of Fish Search without Registering? No, POF search without registering is no longer working since the POF website got revamped. People cannot browse plenty of fish without signing up as the anonymous search features like basic, advance, and username search gone forever.

With the latest POF search update, the Go Fishing or other Search options are restricted for non-registered users.

The revamped look of Plenty Of Fish has not only brought various new features to enhance its user’s dating experience but, at the same time, has limited its services to registered members.

Hence, it is no longer possible to search Plenty Of Fish without registration. Previously you could conduct a basic, advanced, and even username search even if you do not have a Plenty of Fish account.

Below are the methods people were used to browse POF without joining.

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So, let’s just hop right into it. 

Browse Plenty OF Fish Without Registering

It is not possible to browse POF without joining. However, earlier, you could view profiles on POF without registering with basic, advanced, and username POF search options. 

Just by filling in the required fields, you can fish out a potential date from among 3 million plus users. 

In this section, I will show how you can look up Plenty Of Fish Profiles by using Basic Search, POF advanced Search, and finally, the username even without signing up. 

Let us discuss the steps to search on POF without registration in detail: 

POF Basic Search Without Sign In

As the name suggests, the Basic Search on POF Software helps you find suitable profiles at the most elementary level.

This plenty Of Fish search option includes fields like gender, education level, age, sign, ethnicity, body type, etc. 

Here are the steps for conducting a POF Basic Search without registering: 

POF Basic Search
POF Basic Search

Step1: On your web browser, open the POF homepage at

Step2: On the top-most menu, you will see the Search option. Select it. 

Step3: By default, the Basic Search page will open. 

Step4: Here, fill in all the options necessary for POF browse without registering. 

Step5: Finally, select the Go Fishing button at the bottom of the page. 

That is all you need to do. With these 5 steps, you can see all the matching Plenty Of Fish profiles on your screen. 

POF Advance Search to View Profiles

The second option available under the search tab is Advanced Search. It has additional categories to include in your search for the right fish. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Zipcode/ postal code
  • Height
  • Alcohol/ smoking habits
  • Education Qualifications
  • Eye color
  • Income
  • Family Orientation
  • Etc.

The following steps elaborate on how to do an Advanced Search without registration on Plenty of Fish:

POF Advance Search
POF Advance Search

Step1: Head to the Search tab on the top navigation menu of the page. 

Step2: You will see the tag for Advanced search besides the Basic search page on your screen. 

Step3: Select all the criteria that deem fit for your POF profile search. 

Step4: Finally, select the Go fishing button to proceed with the browsing of profiles on Plenty Of Fish. 

The Advanced Search feature of POF is how you can conduct a Plenty of Fish search by location. 

POF Username Search

Can you look up someone on Plenty of Fish? Well, the same is possible with the last search option for non-registered users of Plenty Of Fish: the Username Search option.

So, if you wish to specifically look for someone or for a particular username, you need to head for the Username Search option on the POF search tab. 

Let us look at the steps for Plenty Of Fish Username Search in detail:

POF Username Search
POF Username Search

Step1: On the web page, click on the Search section from the navigation bar. 

Step2: Select the third tab labeled with Username Search. 

Step3: Here, type out the username you want to search for, and click on the search icon. 

Step4: Select the right profile from the end results. 

And there you go, you have successfully completed the username search on Plenty of Fish.

However, do remember these features were available for everyone previously. Now only the registered users can utilize them. 

Plenty Of Fish Search Without Registering 2022

The only way to search on POF is to get yourself signed up. If you open the site, you will now notice it is asking you to register before you can access any feature. 

You can register on the Plenty Of Fish platform on your desktop/mobile browser or even use the POF App

The following section will cover both these methods in detail. 

POF Registration via Dektop/App

The steps to sign in at POF are more or less the same for both the Plenty Of Fish App and the homepage. 

Read ahead to know more:

Step1: On your web browser, open the official page for Plenty Of Fish. Or install the Plenty of Fish app from App Store or Play Store

Step2: Now select the Register now option from the upper right menu of the page or the first section on your screen. 

Step3: Furthermore, you will require to fill in all your details as directed by the system. This will include details like your first name, username & password, phone number, postal code, gender, dating preferences, etc. 

Step4: Finally, you will have to go through the POF 2-factor authentication process. Note that you will get your Plenty Of Fish Verification code on your phone number. 

Step5: Once verified, you can continue building your POF profile by adding a few pictures. 

After this, you can avail all the features of the Plenty Of Fish platform, including profile viewing and searching.

Also, if you do not have a phone, you can send a written request to the POF customer care desk at

FAQs on POF Search

Can you Search for Someone on Plenty of Fish?

Only premium members of POF (Plenty of Fish) can use search by username. This option is located under the Username tab in the POF app.

Can I Browse Plenty of FIsh Without Joining?

It is not possible to browse Plenty Of Fish without signing in. The free search option for non-registered users is no longer available.

How to Get the Old POF Layout Back for Annonymous Search?

Well there is no way to revert the old POF layout to search the website annonymously. Previously, people were used to get the old POF design for search but it is no longer working.


You can no longer look at profiles on Plenty Of Fishes without registering. However, the good news is that POF comes free of cost. All you need is to sign up an account, put in your details, and complete the 2-factor verification by putting in a 6-digit code shared on your phone.

Keep Fishing, Keep Dating!

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